From the heart to Serghei Iatmirschi 2

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Name Serghei Iatmirschi
Age 19 years
Amount required 22,300 Euro
Diagnostic lymphoma

Dear friends, we all remember young Serghei Iatmirschi, who had one of the most serious forms of cancer, lymphoma and after a long struggle, was able to overcome this terrible disease. Much time passed, two transplants were made, the treatment process was difficult for everyone: parents, sisters, relatives, friends. After the news that he had overcome this terrible disease, Serghei returned home and slowly started to recover. But after a while he began to complain of back pain, cough, fever. Serghei went for a new examination and after several tests, learned that a relapse of the disease had occurred. Now he must start the treatment and begin a new struggle for life, but he will not give up because Serghei wants to live. His parents ask once again people of goodwill to help them save their son. Any help is a chance for this young man to overcome the disease.

Campaign began in 15 July 2019
In how many days was collected 100
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23 Oct, 2019 14:15
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Suma a fost redirecționată de la Familia Mancaș
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