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A message from Sergiu:
Greetings, kind-hearted people. During all this time, I have experienced a lot of pain and suffering. I was diagnosed with a terrible disease. They are waiting for me again, for examination and treatment, but I cannot go, because of my financial situation. I should be the one who takes care of my children, my family, but the disease has taken over and now my family is taking care of me ... The thought of children, of family is all that makes me struggle. With all my heart I want to live, to defeat the disease, but I am faced with a situation that completely knocks me down. I can't afford to pay for the treatment, I can't save myself. Unfortunately, my life depends on a large sum of money and I understand that there is nothing worse than knowing that everything depends on money. I am desperate, but the thought that someone might hear my story, makes me believe that I still have a chance to save my life. I really need your help, people of good will, I sincerely ask you to show that you care, because only your support is  the chance for me to survive and save my life.

Thank you and may God bless you.

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