From the heart to Sofia Tanurcov

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A message from the family:

Sofia is the bravest, strongest and most resistant child I know. Unfortunately, her life changed when the disease began to manifest, a fact that led to terrible physical and emotional pains. It all started in the fall of 2019, when Sofia was only 1 year and 9 months old. A common fever that did not subside for three weeks turned out to be a symptom of meningitis in the worst form - tuberculosis. Intercranial hypertension led to the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid and subsequently to the installation of ventricular-peritoneal drainage (most likely for life). The sudden increase in pressure within the skull resulted in brain damage, severe brain dysfunction and developmental disorder.

Sophia was identified as a disabled person in the most severe form.

Unfortunately, she is immobilized in bed, she cannot even turn her head, cannot see, cannot eat or drink, does not coordinate the movements of her limbs, she is fed through an artificial feeding system directly into the stomach.

At the moment, Sofia has the following diagnoses:
- severe residual neurological syndrome;
- spastic tetraparesis;
- symptomatic epilepsy;
- ventricular-peritoneal shunt;
- severe dysphagia;
- growing gastrostomy;
- drug cholestasis.

The only solution for visible and significant changes is a stem cell transplant, which can be performed abroad. She requires eight transplant sessions worth $ 72,000. This state of helplessness in the face of disease is terrible, but it is hope and faith that prompts us to turn to people of goodwill who can help us heal our angel.

Any kind gesture, even the smallest, will be very helpful to us. Thank you!

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