From the heart to Svetlana Iasinscaia

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Greetings, people of goodwill!!! My name is Svetlana ... I am the mother of Eugene, to whom a month ago you, kind people, lent a helping hand and managed to save his life... I had no time to thank you all, and suddenly, probably due to stress and worries, I also got sick ... The doctors examined me and discovered that I have melanoma. This is a form of cancer that spreads rapidly throughout the body, and I was told that surgery is urgently required. It’s not enough to say that I don’t have the necessary amount for treatment, I can’t even dream of this sum of money ... Therefore, I ask you to help me, we still havent recovered from my son’s disease, and now I also have to fight for my life.

Campaign began in 3 December 2021
In how many days was collected 62
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BULGAC ION 3 Feb, 2022 14:19
200 EUR
Spatari Cristina 2 Feb, 2022 16:10 7
100 MDL
MMPS Terminal 1 Feb, 2022 16:43
600 MDL
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1,202 MDL
Будьте здоровы!
Alexandru Olga 25 Jan, 2022 23:50 27
101 MDL
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