From the heart to Tatiana Bezerdic

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Name Iachim Ludmila
Age 40 years
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  • Name: Tatiana
  • Surname: Bezerdic
  • Age: 40 years old
  • Diagnosis: "Lymphostasis" (elephantiasis)
  • Amount: 35,000 euros
  • Treatment: Switzerland

Ms. Tatiana Beserdik from Chisinau is a strong, brave woman with a huge life experience that could inspire and motivate each of us. Here is the story of her life.

"My name is Tatiana, and I come from a country with special, spiritual people, with great faith in God. We are all blessed because here we have the most beautiful sunrise, here we have walnut trees in every yards, but our greatest treasure are the people with kind hearts. Due to kind people I met in my life, God helped me overcome all difficulties.

At the age of 14, I was diagnosed with a very rare, unique disease in our country, "Lymphostasis" (elephantiasis). Since then I was examined and treated by the best doctors from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, and even Italy. I underwent a lot of surgeries, but unfortunately the disease continued to progress, the leg was constantly increasing in volume, causing open wounds, which ultimately led to an amputation of the left leg in 1997.


The surgery caused a huge, very complex and vicious swelling. Its length is 39 cm, its diameter is 150 - 162 cm, and because the disease has not been completely cured this swelling progresses. In 2008, I had erysipelas that caused an open wound on the swelling, which is open to this day. Every day the situation gets worse. I use bandages every day. Other wounds appeared that I cover with pampers (imagine how my leg looks like). I receive a pension of 1152 lei, from which I can barely buy medicines and bandages. For 8 years, every day I put bandages twice a day, and every day I thank the Lord for still being alive. I'm not angry with anyone, not even with my destiny, and my dream is that someday I can find those doctors who can make a miracle and cure me. I'm sure that doctors can work miracles so that we can enjoy the beauty of this life that God has given us.

After more than 20 years, God heard my prayers, and in May 2017 I met the Swiss doctor Felix Mangold, who was very interested in my illness. He invited me to Switzerland, to the city of Basel, to the medical center Fricktal, where on December 2, 2017 they will make a series of examinations. Dr. Felix Mangold offered to cover the costs of the examinations, while I must cover the costs of travel, accommodation and services of an interpreter.

After the results of examinations, doctors will decide to which clinic should I go for surgery and rehabilitation. According to Mr. Mangold, the cost of surgery and rehabilitation is about 25-35 thousand euros. The rehabilitation period last from 3 to 6 months.

I never asked for anything. By the time my left leg was amputated, I was a primary school teacher, and every day I went to work with great pleasure, where dozens of curious children waited for me. When I could no longer work as a teacher, I started to make handmade products: clothing and decorations.

I am aware of the fact that by myself I will never be able to accumulate the necessary sum, so I ask for help from people with kind hearts who read the story of my life and who have the opportunity to support me during this crucial period. "

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In how many days was collected 611
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