From the heart to Victor Cocieru

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Name Victor Cocieru
Age 31 years
Amount required 5,420 Euro
Treatment Russia
Diagnostic Work related accident, immobilized in a wheelchair

A message from his wife:

Greeting everyone, I have to ask you for help for my husband Victor Work related accident, who had an accident abroad while he was at work. Since we could not live on such a low salary in the Republic of Moldova, my husband found a job in Israel. He worked there for over a year, and then an accident happened: on 06/13/2020 he fell from height. He was taken by an ambulance and rushed to the hospital, where he underwent an urgent surgery on his spinal cord.

For 2 months he was in a coma, the whole family was going through a real nightmare. For a long time he could not breathe on his own, only with medical devices, but thank God everything returned to normal. He underwent a rehabilitation course at professional level, but the costs were too high for us ... In Russia, we have found a hospital where we have the chance for my husband to get up to his feet. He is in dire need of physiotherapy pools to be able to walk again and return to normal life. After many consultations and surveys motility is only 30 percent, and only on the left side.

We have two wonderful children, and we dream for Victor to be able to walk again. But our biggest obstacle is that we cannot afford the cost of treatment. We sincerely ask all people of goodwill to help us get through these difficult times together. Thank you!

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