From the Heart to Xenia Roman

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A message from her mother:

Our daughter has been suffering from a heart condition for nearly two years now. Initially, we were told she had a regular myocarditis that could be treated. However, with each passing day, week, and month, her condition worsened. The diagnosis was given to us only recently: "Affection of the pulmonary artery, high-risk idiopathic pulmonary hypertension, idiopathic expansion of the pulmonary artery.
Heart failure.
Tonic epileptic seizures."

Doctors can't help us in any way and can't determine the cause of this disease. Any change in ambiance, whether she’s going outside, leaving transportation, or even moving from one room to another with an open window, causes her distress. She is struggling to breathe, experiences spasms, and loses consciousness. Many such episodes have occurred. Her heart beats faster than normal, she complains of chest pains, and she feels weak both day and night. She can't run or walk much, she quickly gets tired, and she always feels sick. Doctors can't figure out whether it's a lung issue affecting the heart or a heart issue affecting the lungs. That's why we're reaching out to you with a heartfelt request to help us bring our daughter back to a normal life!!! Firstly, we need a proper diagnosis, as for the treatment, we still don't know anything yet, but we really hope that they will be able to help us there.

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