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Name Darius Pirgau
Amount required 1,000 Euro

Good afternoon. I appeal to all people with big hearts, who are not indifferent to my pain and the suffering of my child. I have a little, six months old boy who was born with diagnosis: vascular corneal leukemia. For my child to see, we require a corneal transplant. In Italy, in the city of Cesena, we found professor Massimo Busin who is a very good doctor and is capable to perform such a surgery. The cost for the surgery is 7000 euros. All the money that we collected was spent on medication and consultations with several doctors in Italy. For us, this sum is too high and in a short period time we will not be able to collect it. Please help us.

Campaign began in 8 February 2017
In how many days was collected 33
Created Bîrgau Darius
Region Drochia
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Anonymous donation 13 Mar, 2017 17:00
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Viorel Gamurari 7 Mar, 2017 13:23 3
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