Together in support of gastropathology unit of Mother and Child Care Center

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Dear friends, together with you, people of good will, we have managed to provide various units in our hospitals with decent conditions for patients. It is sad and painful to talk about our hospitals. But look at the conditions under which our children are hospitalized. We have always helped hospitals in our country, because we know how vulnerable they are, because we know that our children, our mothers will be hospitalized here, and when we started this project, we were pleasantly surprised by your support, by the fact that you share our views and that together we can change the things for the better. Dear friends, take a look at the gastrology unit of the Mother and Child Care Center, where many children are hospitalized. Here they must endure this reality and these inhuman conditions. Today we ask for your support for this unit, which we hope will look much better. Today we also ask you to do a great thing and make a small donation, as our experience has shown that even with a small amount of money we have been able to make a huge difference. Unfortunately, our hospitals are most vulnerable, and we ask you to support us with renovations, to put them in order, to create human conditions, because, who knows, we can also become patients of this unit and suffer these inhuman conditions. Let's become the backbone of the society we dreamed of and support each other as decent human beings.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support!

Campaign began in 14 March 2022
In how many days was collected 667
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"Fericit bărbatul care..."️Ezel Merci bucu:)
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