Little By Little Let’s Help Vladimir Bivol!

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Today we saw Vladimir. God, we weren't able to stay with him for more than one minute. This child, despite the unbearable pain he feels, resists like a real man. And when we told him that everything will be all right, he said he knows. It hurts to see a child in this state of health. The worst thing is that due to several problems with documents Vladimir's mom cannot go with him to Turkey. Dad is next to him, but his mom is thousands kilometers away, crying and praying. Within a few days we will try to solve this problem and send Vladimir's mother to him.

Dear friends, we have a few weeks to raise money for Vladimir's surgery. During these weeks, the child will do chemotherapy and rehabilitation. We hope, and indeed we are sure that the condition of this child will evoke your empathy.

Please donate as much as you can for the treatment of this little angel. Because no one deserves that kind of suffering, and in his place could be anyone's baby.

Please help us!

Online donations (Din Inimă Donaţii) can be made from card in any currency, following the link - (Be careful, you may be offered the option "generosity gift", but you can click "edit" and not pay the site's tax).

Also, donations to Vladimir can be done made SMS to the number 9002 (only for Unite clients) or call from a fixed phone line to 090 009 002.

You can donate via QIWI devices (Bpay code 17002002).

You can use PayPal - (Vladimir text).

And you can donate directly to the fund, "St. George (Sfântul Gheorghe)"
Chisinau, Codru, Tadeusz Malinowski str. 16
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Campaign began in 19 August 2016
In how many days was collected 295
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6 Jul, 2018

Dragii nostri, puiul pentru care am luptat toti, se simte perfect iar recent a obtinut locul 2 la campionatul de dame din Ucraina. Ne bucuram si ne simtim fericiti sa vedem impreuna cum Vladimir obtine rezultate frumoase. Mandria parintilor si fericirea noastra sa stim ca Vladimir se bucura din plin de viata si creste un copil intelept si sanatos. Astazi parintii ne multumesc tuturor, pentru viata. Plecaciuni pana la pamant dragi donatori.

Multumim ca va pasa si pentru minunile aduse acestor copiii.


27 Apr, 2017



2 Feb, 2017

Good morning. It seems like the sun looks sadder today.

The chemotherapy sessions are quite difficult. The boy is still struggling for his life, he is tired... so many months away from home and from the loved ones. Vladimir and his mother are very exhausted. Every day they tell us how they dream to come back home.... We are looking forward to meet them at the airport healthy and happy and all the pain to be left behind.

Dear donors, soon we will reach the sum of 13,000 for Vladimir! To reach the final amount, he needs another 30000! This sum his parents still have to pay the clinic. Soon, Vladimir will be discharged.

We thank all those who donated money for this child. We, together with Vladimir and his parents once again appeal to you to help solve this case. 15000 SMS? Do you think it is possible? If only 30,000 would donate 1 euro online. Or who knows, maybe our letter will reach someone who can afford to donate a substantial amount? Miracles exist and there are a lot of good people in the world - we know that. Vladimir asks now more than ever to support him.

We need just a little more.


5 Jan, 2017


2 Jan, 2017


1 Jan, 2017
1 Nov, 2016

Little by little we reach the sum of 2,000 euros. Vladimir deserves our praise and support! The boy managed to defeat cancer and will soon return home healthy. Let's help Vladimir’s parents pay for the surgery that saved his life. We must donate at least something for this brave little boy. You can send sms, call from a landline phone, use terminals QIWI or pay online. Together we will succeed.

Donations using any card in any currency here:

You can make a donation to Vladimir by SMS to the number 9002 (only for Unite subscribers), or call from a fixed line phone to № 090009002. You can also donate using QIWI terminals (BPAY code: 17002002)

Let's be kinder!


19 Aug, 2016

Am dat start campaniei