13 Aug

Elena Isac finally enjoys life!

Life consists of moments, emotions and memories. They feed us at the end of our lives and let us know that we did was not in vain. Nothing, no material thing can be compared with spiritual happiness. Lenuta Isac is a little girl who underwent a liver transplant. Her mother was a donor, and both of them have come a long way. Finally today we can hug and congratulate them for their new life. Lenuta is a lesson in courage, she underwent several surgeries because there were various complications after the transplant, but she managed to win and today her life is no longer in danger, today she can calmly walk and play with her friends, go to school, study and live like a normal child. Why did all this happen? Thanks to me and you, those who read these lines, thanks to those who cared, who sent SMS, who sacrificed at least a cup of coffee to save a life, and this is priceless. We sincerely thank you for your trust, for giving these children a chance at life. All the children deserve a happy life and we have proved it every time. Our Lenuta returned home healthy.