A hot lunch for the families in need

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We are going through difficult times when thoughts about tomorrow scare us all. There are several families that barely survived thanks to their jobs in agriculture, and now they are staying at home without any job, they have no sources to live and simply have nothing to eat. Elderly people, people with disabilities, families in need are today in a very difficult position. We already recieved hundreds of messages in which people ask for help, food, bread and a hot lunch to feed their children. Dear friends, our Easter campaign will be carried out throughout the pandemic and after it ends, because daily we see how people try to survive in this period and they look at tomorrow with fear and uncertainty. We know that we can bring hope to all these houses, thanks to our generosity, selflessness, kindness, we can lend them a helping hand. At Easter, let us be the light for those who especially need it. Let us support those who do not have the opportunity to make a hot lunch, because, unfortunately, now, during this period, more and more families, more and more elderly people are waiting for us.

Campaign began in 12 March 2020
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