Brothers Albert and Nicolae need our help, let us make a miracle for them


A call to all people with big hearts! I want to tell the story of two brothers, Albert and Nicolae Cepurenco who have 14 and 12 years old, and who, unfortunately suffer from progressive muscular dystrophy. The boys are very positive and enjoy every day of his life, and even if they understand the seriousness of their situation, the brothers are still full of hope. They are very receptive and have a dream: to be a fireman and a driver.

In order to preserve the health they require medications that cost about 2300 to treat a child for 3 months. Their mother cannot afford these expenditures, even if she is always by their side, constantly taking care of them. Their father unfortunately passed away a few years ago, even before their disease was discovered. The children can move only using wheelchair, their mother of grandparents take them to the bathroom on their hands.

Every three months, they are hospitalized for additional procedures, but the results are not really felt, because there this treatment has to be supplemented by the necessary drugs.

I ask you, little by little, to make a donation and support them, so the boys could enjoy another year of their life. The boys are worried about my mother, because they know that they represent the sense of her existence.

Created 14 December 2016

А. Крецу

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