Children with special needs now have the opportunity to recover mentally and emotionally by riding horses. Dozens of children can use this new service in our country.

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Name Gallop Moldova
Age 5 years
Amount required 5,000 US Dollar

Using the gathered money (5000 USD), we want to help 50 children from Chisinau with intellectual disabilities. They will undergo weekly therapy sessions by riding horses, with the assistance of the best hippotherapy specialists in Moldova.

The most lucky children, who had the opportunity to use this service for free, showed good results in the recovery process, they became physically stronger, even if some of the parents were in despair.

Vlad is five years old, and as a child he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He needs constant care. The boy's mother, Angela Caus, registered him for horse riding therapy. Other children, in the same situation as Vlad, are waiting for our help and donations to continue this therapy.

"I am proud that these children show results, and to continue this project, I hope a miracle will happen, and ordinary people will support the fund of our program," said Maria Gurcova, initiator of the Gallop Moldova project.

According to Oksana Zelinsky from the equestrian club of Sparta, the full course lasts 10 sessions and is carried three times a year. "I was happy to learn about the cases when children were put on their feet, the child learns to ride in the rhythm of the horse, and then, therefore, learn to walk," explains the hippotherapy instructor.

We hope for the support of society and the fact that this program will bring hundreds of children who need proper integration into society as this start-up must prove that with dedication and desire, we can make Moldova better.

Since there are many problems in Moldova, and the number of children with autism and mental disorders is growing, parents are increasingly relying on the support of society.

Campaign began in 14 June 2017
In how many days was collected 289
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