From the heart to Maria-Magdalena Anghel

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Age 1 years
Amount required 100,000 Euro

A message from her mother:

I sincerely ask you to spare a few minutes and to read this desperate message to help my one-year-old daughter. I am raising her by myself, and recently she was diagnosed with a terrible condition: retinoblastoma in her left eye. The disease has become a nightmare for us. I have a chance to save my daughter at a clinic in Switzerland, but the treatment costs a tremendous amount of money. In this relentless battle, I beg you from the bottom of my heart to help us. I need your support to overcome the disease. 

Please assist us in this fight for life, give us a chance to save her life, a chance that costs 100,000 euros. My child's life depends on this sum of money, which I cannot raise on my own. Please, show us that you care, because your support is our only hope. 

Thank you for every donation and for your kindness. 

Campaign began in 9 May 2023
Days left 11
Created P CaritateMD
Region R.Florești, s. Cuhureștii de Jos
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ludmila arnaut 27 Nov, 2023 05:40 6
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V G 13 Nov, 2023 12:13
500 MDL
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9 May, 2023

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