From the heart to Serghei Stoica

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The tragedies in Serghei's family don't seem to end. After being diagnosed with the same type of lung cancer that took the lives of his wife and mother of their five children, Serghei has been fighting hard for his life for over a year. Being a widower, Serghei has found solace in giving his 5 children, of whom 3 are minors, as much love as possible to compensate for the absence of their mother and to work diligently to provide them with a beautiful and secure childhood. He has almost succeeded, as after a year since his wife's passing, there was noticeably more unity, understanding, and tenderness in Serghei's home, and things were going better on the small sheep farm he owns.
Now we have a chance to save Serghei's life, for him to raise his children and prevent them from becoming orphans, by seeking treatment in Turkey. With our own resources, we have managed to initiate a series of examinations and consultations with doctors who have identified a treatment path with high chances of success. Since the cost of treatment exceeds Serghei and his close relatives' capabilities, we are reaching out to all people of good will with a cry for help. Any support, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated and will be immensely beneficial for Serghei.

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In how many days was collected 87
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