From the heart to Valeria Bordeianu

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A message from mother:

Hello, my name is Nina Oboro
c, and my 11-year-old daughter suffers from a rare pathology of the lymphatic system, namely: lymphedema, second group, progressive lymphostasis. The full diagnosis is: vascular congenital anomaly. Lymphedema of the left half of the body, mainly affecting the upper left limb and the parotid gland. This pathology is a rare and incurable disease, and my little girl requires expensive treatment abroad for a long period of time. During and after treatment, Valeria will have to wear a tight knit under low pressure on her arm and leg, which will serve as her second skin. It will make her life easier, will stop the development of the disease and inflammation. This will allow my little girl to have a normal life. But this knitwear is also very expensive.
Since the costs of the procedures are too high, I ask you heartily to help us. People 
of goodwill, Valeria needs help, she has been struggling with this serious illness for years in a row, she lacks a normal childhood, but we wish from the bottom of our hearts for her to be cured and enjoy her life.

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