From the heart to Vladimir Zavatchi

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Vladimir was five years old when a taxi driver hit him and his grandmother while they were crossing the street through a pedestrian crossing. From a happy and mischievous boy, he became a bedridden child. The fact that he survived this terrible blow is a real miracle. The taxi driver, although he was found guilty, did not pay a single leu for Vladimir's treatment. Moreover, he, having learned about the verdict, fled the country. Now the boy can neither sit nor speak. Vova underwent more than 40 surgeries on his head, bypass surgery, brain decompression, endoscopy, but, unfortunately, the skull was fractured and had to be replaced with plastic. But we do not lose hope to put our son on his feet. At the moment, Vova requires an urgent surgery. After consulting with doctors in Germany, they agreed that the emergency gastrostomy should be replaced as soon as possible. We ask all people of goodwill to help us change the gastrostomy. We can't do it without your help and support. You are our only hope.

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