Together in support of three orphaned children whose house burned down

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A message from the City Hall of the Municipality of Ciorescu

Three minor children without a mother require our help. 

Two years ago, at the young age of 12 years, 4 years and 2 years, three children from the village of Goian, Ciorescu commune, became orphans when their mother lost her life in 2020 after suffering a severe illness. Now, fate has hit them for the second time, as they were left homeless in the middle of winter, after the roof of the house collapsed on January 10 after a devastating fire caused by an old, malfunctioning stove, destroying the entire building. We ask all people of goodwill to help these three children, who are in a very difficult situation, and restore their small house. 

These children are facing a lot of pain and suffering, so let's give them hope and joy and make their life a little brighter. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Donations to 3 Minor Children from the Village of Goian
Donations in Moldova for 3 minor children, maternal orphans from the village of Goian, Ciorescu commune. Fundraising for orphans in Moldova.
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Campaign began in 16 January 2023
In how many days was collected 394
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Maria Ceban 13 Feb, 2024 23:09 22
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Anonymous donation 7 Feb, 2024 14:25 39
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Anonymous donation 31 Dec, 2023 04:37 12
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Harabari Dumitru 29 Dec, 2023 12:03 11
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5 Mar, 2024

Dragii nostri, spunem stop donatii pentru aceasta familie si va multumim enorm pentru efortul si dorinta de a ajuta.

Impreuna am reusit sa le oferim sa isi repare casa arsa, impreuna am reusit sa le aducem un pic de lumina si speranta pentru ziua de maine. 

Va multumim enorm pentru tot efortul si bunatatea voastra, familia va multumeste pentru tot ajutorul.

19 Jul, 2023


14 Mar, 2023


16 Jan, 2023

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